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CombiPlay: Where Playing, Learning and Fun Come Together

CombiPlay is the brand for playing, learning and having fun. We offer a wide range of products, including ball pits for active fun, board game accessories for fun game nights, high chairs for comfort and safety, foam parts for adventure climbing and educational toys to promote children's development. With our products, CombiPlay encourages children to grow, learn and, above all, enjoy their childhood, while parents and caregivers can parent with confidence.



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Combiplay - play, learn and have fun

CombiPlay stands for playing, learning and having fun. CombiPlay is the specialist in the Benelux in the field of ball pools and ball pool balls, play and exercise sets, educational toys and board game accessories. In our factory in Heemskerk we produce high-quality ball pool balls and various board game accessories. This allows CombiPlay to offer a very extensive and very interesting range to both consumers and professionals from different business sectors. This includes pedagogical specialists at childcare institutions and primary schools, managers of indoor playgrounds and play paradises, but also project managers at event agencies and attraction rental companies. In addition, manufacturers and wholesalers who are active in the field of furnishing schools, playgrounds, offices, waiting rooms and theaters also know where to find us. CombiPlay: the 'one-stop-shop' for playing, learning and having fun.

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